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Still the King of Headphones

Still the King of Headphones

Closed headphones are the opposite of open heads. Hermetically sealed headphones have features that make it difficult for sound to leak, have high sound insulation, and make it easy to concentrate on music. For those who want to hear even a single note in the corner of a song, closed headphones are recommended. The following articles introduce recommended products for sealed headphones, so please refer to them.

news Trend IT Sennheiser's third-generation "Momentum" headphones review. Still the King of Headphones
Sennheiser's third-generation "Momentum" headphones review. Still the King of Headphones
Gizmodo JapanSeptember 10, 2019 10:00 0

Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo US)
Well, it's the best personal headphones for now!

I'm not the one who spends the most on wireless headphones. Somehow, it may be an old idea, but I think that the sound will definitely drop by one rank if it is wireless. Well, I like classical music, so I want to stick to each sound. I want to hear the sounds of my favorite instruments in a crystal clear state. So when you're listening to music outside of exercise, you're still wired.

In the gizmo mode, I introduced various wireless headphones, but my tentacles did not move so much as I thought "Hey, good". But after reading a recent review of GIZ's reporter Adam Clark Estes on Sennheiser's Momentum Wireless, I found my best private wireless headphones.

So, let's go to the third generation Momentum review.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo US)
What is this: Premium Wireless Headphones

Price: $ 400 (about 42,700 yen)

I like it: The sound quality is odd, the best fit

What I don't like: I can't get a little design

The appearance has evolved steadily

When using headphones at home and watching a movie for a long time, the weight of the headphones often makes the neck and shoulders tired. On the other hand, open-type headphones are often lightweight, so you can enjoy music comfortably even when you use them for a long time. If you are concerned about tiredness or stiff shoulders when wearing, open headphones are recommended.

Open headphones are designed to allow sound to escape easily and to hear external sounds. Care must be taken when using it, as it tends to leak a lot of sound to the outside, and it can be a nuisance due to sound leakage around public places such as trains and buses. It is good to use open headphones for indoor use and closed headphones for outdoor use.

How to choose open headphones

When choosing open headphones, first choose whether you like the sound quality you like. There are many not only Japanese manufacturers but also overseas famous ones, so let's find the one with your favorite sound quality. In addition, with headphones that are developed mainly for SONY and that support “high res”, the music is reproduced with a sound close to the original sound, and you can enjoy it with high sound quality.

Most open headphones have higher sound quality. From that point of view, the wired connection is still slightly better in sound quality than the wireless connection, so if you want to focus on sound quality, you should choose wired connection type open headphones. Also, since there are overwhelmingly many wired headphones, the range of available products is also greater.

Open headphones with wireless connections are recommended because they can be worn without being tied to wires and have a high degree of freedom. Also, if you are considering using iPhone 7 or later, you need to prepare a conversion plug or headphones with a lightning cable because the standard earphone jack has been abolished in iPhone 7. Therefore we recommend wireless (Bluetooth) connection headphones. Any wireless headphones can be connected without the need for a conversion plug, so if you're thinking of using an iPhone, wireless is a good choice.

Cigarettes whose rejection pressure is increasing worldwide. On the other hand, the cigar culture has been surviving steadily with cigar bars as a favorite of gentlemen. Even cigarette users want to smoke tobacco leaves (and the nicotine in them). It was born with the idea of ​​reversing to wrap it in leaves (?) "Lucky Strike Luck Strike Filter Cigarillo 6/10 Wound with Cigarette Leaves". Then it became a cigar.

Open headphones are considerably lighter than closed headphones. However, even after a long period of use, the weight of the neck and shoulders often causes fatigue. Therefore, check the weight and fit of the main unit according to the application you want to use, and then select it. It is recommended that the weight of the main body be around 300g because it is easy to use.

Price range | Some models with a good cop from 5,000 Doller to 10,000 Doller

Very affordable Audio-Technica open headphones for around 3,000 yen. A 40mm driver designed exclusively for open-air reproduces a sound with a sense of freedom and good stretch. With a double adjuster that fits perfectly in the shape of your head and a soft-wearing ear pad that uses fabric, it is comfortable even when used for a long time.

a smoker who can enjoy casually because it is slender and with a filter, cigars have a high threshold (meaning that it is expensive and hard to enter. How to use recently added to Kojien). There are problems such as the fact that the price is simply high, the method of sucking slightly different, and the smell being severe, and many people will avoid it.

Meanwhile, British American Tobacco Japan's "Lucky Strike Luck Strike Filter Cigarillo 6/10" ). This is a product that will allow you to enjoy the royal road tobacco brand "Lucky Strike", which has been loved since the days of the garrison, with a cigar.

KOSS headphones with a unique design. KOSS is an audio maker that landed in Japan in 1988 and is popular for headphones that can be used in studios. This product is also based on the model used in the United States as studio monitor headphones and is made with attention to sound quality and wearing feeling. It can be folded while it is open, and it is also convenient for carrying around, such as supporting smartphones and other calls.

AKG headphones with a gorgeous gold exterior. Because the same diaphragm (diaphragm) as the high-end model sold by the company is used, you can enjoy a wide sound range with high sound quality at an affordable price. The headband is self-adjusting and just fits on your head. It is one with a high-cost performance that you can not think below 10,000 yen.

It features an ear cup that rotates up to 110 degrees, a comfortable earpad, and a headband that allows for smooth length adjustment. Through careful sound tuning, the sound quality is natural and precise, aiming to faithfully reproduce the tone of the instrument.

Semi-open air headphones with a self-adjustment function that allows you to adjust the length of the headband simply by wearing it. In addition to the unique function of suppressing unnecessary vibration, optimization of the internal structure and examination of parts have been thoroughly performed, and the sound localization and depth, from delicate treble to heavy bass, are realistically reproduced.

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