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New Headphone Reviews | Bone Conduction Headphones

New Headphone Reviews | Bone Conduction Headphones

"2020" 15 recommended headphones! Featured popular model with attractive high sound quality.

Headphones are becoming more and more popular because music can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime with a smartphone. Nowadays, not only sound quality but also fashion items are gaining more attention. The number of products has increased rapidly in recent years. Various types of products have been released, such as portable headphones that emphasize portability, ultra-high-end headphones over 100,000 yen that are particular about sound quality and a feeling of wearing, and stylish headphones that are particular about design, but when you buy a product, When you do, you tend to get lost. Therefore, in this special feature, while explaining the points that you want to hold down when selecting headphones, we have picked up recommended headphones by type. By all means, please refer to the selection of headphones.

"Headphones" are essential items for those who want to enjoy their favorite sounds with high sound quality. In addition to conventional wired types, wireless types have recently been increasing, and sound quality has also improved.

However, since various products are lined up, it is difficult to determine which user is best suited for each item. Therefore, this time, we will introduce recommended models of headphones. We will also explain how to choose, so if you are considering purchasing, please check it out.

"Open headphone" is a type that has a hole in the housing and is sometimes called an open air type. The feature is that you can enjoy a sound close to nature because there is less muffled sound due to reverberation in the housing.

There are many lightweight models, so even large objects can be installed relatively easily. It is recommended for those who want to relax and listen to music at home because they don't get tired even when worn for a long time. On the other hand, it is a concern that the bass easily escapes to the outside and the sound easily leaks. Be careful when using it outdoors.

If you want to know more about open headphones, please refer to the following articles.

The closed type is characterized in that the housing is sealed, and headphones that adopt this structure are called "closed type headphones". Due to its structure, there is little sound leakage and it is difficult for sound to enter from outside, so it is suitable for outdoor use.However, the sealed housing makes it easy to muffle sound and feel the pressure on your ears. there is. By the way, most portable headphones intended for outdoor use are closed type headphones.

The over-ear type, in which the ear pads cover the entire ear (around-ear type), is characterized by the fact that there are many high-quality sound models, because the main body is large and the parts that greatly affect sound quality can be enlarged.

Over-ear headphones are often used in music-related occupations such as musicians. If you want to stick to the sound, the over-ear type is recommended.

For more information about over-ear headphones, see the following articles:

On the other hand, the open type is characterized by providing holes in the housing with mesh or the like so that air can freely enter and exit. Headphones that adopt this structure are called "open headphones." Since the housing is open, the sound is clear and crisp, and there is little feeling of pressure on the ears, so it is hard to listen to it even when listening for a long time, but in contrast to the closed type, the sound leaks easily and it is outdoors Not suitable for use in Because of the structure that is more advantageous in sound quality than the closed type, it is mainly used for large high-end headphones that are intended for use at home.

Speaking of headphones, the wired type used to be the mainstream, but recently the number of headphones that can be connected via Bluetooth is increasing. If the main use is indoors, there is no need to worry about running out of battery, and the wired type that has stable sound quality is the best. The Bluetooth type is recommended if you frequently use it outdoors or if you find the cable cumbersome.

Also, the features of the headphones are diversified. If you are worried about the surrounding noise when using it outdoors, you can enjoy it without stress if you choose headphones that support noise canceling. Also, if you want to emphasize sound quality, we recommend headphones that support balanced connections that allow you to enjoy a three-dimensional sound.

There are several types of headphones depending on the type of wearing, and two types of general overhead type headphones are the "over-ear (around-ear) type" and the "on-ear type".

The most popular type of headphones is the over-ear type, which covers the entire ear when worn, and is characterized by high stability when worn. On the other hand, due to the structure that covers the entire ear, it is slightly larger than the on-ear type. Another disadvantage is that the weight of the main unit increases.

As for the specifications of the headphones, the "reproduction frequency band" that indicates the range of the reproducible range, the "sound pressure sensitivity" that indicates how much loud sound can be output, and the "impedance" that indicates the electrical resistance value are important.

Of these, the "reproduction frequency band" is used to identify high sound quality. Most headphones cover 20Hz to 20kHz, which is said to be a frequency that can be heard by humans. Recently, however, "high-resolution sound sources" that can play the range beyond conventional CDs have also attracted attention. If you are looking for high-quality headphones, choose a model that supports high-resolution sound sources with a playback frequency band of 40 kHz or more.

There are several models of headphones that are tailored to the intended use.

For example, products called "monitor headphones" are headphones designed for professional musicians and studio engineers to use in recording studios. In many cases, the sound is tuned with high resolution and flat characteristics that are faithful to the original sound so that the sound can be heard clearly. In addition, durability and comfort are also considered, assuming long-term use on site. It also features excellent maintainability, such as the ability to replace cables and ear pads.

Products called "noise canceling headphones" are headphones with a function that literally reduces ambient noise. The microphone inside the body detects the surrounding noise and emits a sound wave in phase opposite to the noise, making it difficult to hear the noise. Because it plays only the music without worrying about the surrounding noise, it is recommended to enjoy music in noisy environments such as airplanes and trains.

The product called "DJ headphones" is, as the name implies, headphones made for DJ play. During DJ play, the user often listens to the sound with only one ear, so the housing is rotatable, and the cable is also a flexible curl cord so that the cable does not get in the way during DJ play There are many. In terms of sound quality, sound tuning has been applied to make it easier to hear the rhythm sound at high volumes.


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