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Choose a model that fits your head and ears

Choose a model that fits your head and ears

When buying headphones, budget and sound are also important. You will also choose a design that suits your taste. However, it is surprisingly easy to forget the fit when worn. Many headphones can adjust and improve fit even after purchase, but some models will not fit your head or ears any way you adjust. No matter how good you like the sound and design, if you don't have the right headphones, you won't be able to listen to music happily during listening. As with guitars, instruments with poor playability gradually stop playing. Not only the overall fit but if the earpads do not fit the shape of the ears and there are gaps, you cannot fully enjoy the performance of the headphones. Furthermore, the weight of the headphones is also important is. Choosing a model that is too heavy can make you tired, for example, when listening long hours while on the move. From my experience, I've been using headphones for a long time to adapt to my body more than sound quality. Every model has been improved by the efforts of each manufacturer in terms of fit, but if you have an environment that you can try before purchasing, please try it out by actually wearing it.

When you open it, it will turn on the power, and when you fold it will turn off the power. It also has a new function called " Smart Pause ". This means that when the user puts on the earphones, the sensor in the rear cap reacts and plays back automatically. Also, there is a switch that can switch between three types of noise-canceling settings and a button that can call a voice assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant.

I've been using Momentum Wireless for two weeks, and the Smart Pause feature works perfectly and feels better than ever. Since the Smart Pause function has been adopted by other companies, reliability is important. So, in the case of Sennheiser, it can be said that it is quite stable. Anyway, it works even if I tilt my head in a strange direction.

Headphones are roughly divided into two types based on their structure. Each has its advantages/disadvantages, and knowing that will narrow down the target headphones.

 The first is an open type headphone. This is a structure in which the backside of the diaphragm that emits sound is opened, and a reproduced sound with a natural expanse is obtained. The feature is that it does not get tired even after long listening. However, since the backside of the diaphragm is open, the sound will leak outside. There is no problem if you are listening in the room, but it is better to refrain from using it on trains and public places. Another feature is that you cannot completely shut out external sounds. I think this is good or bad depending on the purpose of use. Another point regarding sound quality is that the low range is slightly weaker than the closed type. However, many models have been improved by devising the design of housings and pads of each company. The open type can be said to be headphones that are mainly suitable for long hours of listening at home. For this reason, many high-end models are also available, and AKG's flagship model K812, which appeared and became a hot topic this year, is also open.

However, there were some parts of the design change that I was worried about. It's bigger and a bit ugly than previous generations. But I got used to the size. But the change was felt disappointing because the original Momentum was symbolic.

And an array of buttons. This was not a "little" point of concern. There are too many buttons. For those who were dissatisfied with the previous Momentum control buttons, it might be a nice update, but for those who were satisfied, it might seem too much.

And the placement is bad. It is all the same kind of form on the array in a row I have been. I guess it's a blind tile.

Well, from my experience, it's common for headphones to have a rough control button. But this Momentum button was somewhat frustrating. Perhaps because you are too familiar with the headphones of the previous generation. That love may be tough.

Lastly, some headphones are half-open (semi-open), which is located between open and closed. You can feel each advantage to some extent, but that makes it difficult to drive the sound. For this reason, it is a structure adapted from entry to medium models. However, there are some high-end models, such as the T1, which was launched in 2009 by Bayer Dynamic GmbH in Germany, which also sells microphones.

 Open/closed type is a part that greatly affects sound quality, but it is best to first consider the environment in which to use it.

But the more you listen to the music at the new Momentum, the less frustrating you get from this nostalgia. Originally, Sennheiser is famous for its acoustic accuracy. It's just as accurate as myself, "I'm in the studio with my favorite artist." The multi-dimensional vocalist Lana Del Rey's "The Greatest" was also crystal clear and deep in guitar solos. Also, I was impressed with the strange details of A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It?" This Sennheiser is versatile. We felt that it was the best sound quality among the wireless headphones we have used.

And as a result of paying attention to sound quality, all my complaints were blown away. Because, if you wear headphones, you won't see what you see, and the large earcups and wide headband are comfortable when worn for a long time. On the other hand, though noise reduction is better than the previous generation, Sony1000X and Bose700 are better. Nevertheless, I don't mind Momentum's Neucan feature because it's excellent at maintaining excellent sound quality in any situation.

Headphones are not only open/closed, but also noise-canceling headphones. 

"QuietComfort", a noise-canceling headphone released by BOSE in 2001, became a hot topic, and since then it has been released by other companies and has evolved gradually. The advantage of Noise Canceling Headphones is that even in places with high noise levels, such as airplanes and Shinkansen, external sounds can be canceled by the function of the headphones themselves, creating a listening environment where external sounds cannot be heard. The effects are evolving year by year, but not 100%. However, we also have a lineup of products that can play satisfactory music in quite a few situations. The latest BOSE model QuietComfort 3 mentioned earlier is also a high-level product. Therefore, it is a headphone which we want to recommend to businessmen who do many business trips. However, due to its structure, it is not suitable for those seeking sound quality like high-end headphones. Also, a battery (a rechargeable type is also required) is required for noise cancellation.

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