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Headphones Major Features

Headphones Major Features

It's Galax Tatsu. This time I will review the gaming headset M180 released by COMBATWING.

E-Sports that have become a hot topic recently. A headset is indispensable to achieve close cooperation with teammates in the game. Those who think "I'm going to start a PC game and want to have peripheral equipment" are a must-see.

Don Quixote (Donki) produces many hit products with its own private brand "Passion Price". The “Complete Wireless Earphone Charging Case Included” released in November 2017 is one example. As of August 19, the company has sold more than 60,000 units, while only selling at Don Quijote affiliated stores.

 The release of the first was the dawn of completely wireless earphones, so the specs were impressive, but the price was 5980 yen excluding tax and the cost performance was outstanding. Two years later, Donki's second complete wireless earphone was launched on August 23. I was able to get the product a little earlier, so I reviewed it immediately.

The manual is multi-language and there is also Japanese. In this area, SoundPEATS, which has been sold in Japan for a long time, is truly a feeling. There are times when it is troublesome how to pair, and how to behave if you touch/press and hold the earphone how many times is described below, so Japanese is obviously more helpful.

First of all, the design is extremely standard. The charging case is rounded and oblong in style. It may be unusual to have a transparent plastic lid. When not using a completely wireless earphone, it is basically stored in a case, but sometimes it is inadvertently put in a pocket. I am grateful that the inside can be checked immediately. However, this lid is relatively easy to get fingerprints. I get a slightly cheap impression, but considering that it is in the 5,000 yen range, it will be acceptable.

I think that some people may be satisfied with some kind of possession by imitating, but personally, it feels a bit sloppy. If you look closely, you can see the difference, but there are many such AirPods-like earphones, so I wish I could change the color if possible, or even put the impressive SoundPEATS mark.

The case fits like this. There is a button in the middle of the case, which is the pairing button.

The body uses different materials inside and outside the ear. The outside is made of glossy plastic and the inside is made of hard rubber. Although there is a microphone hole at the top of the housing, it has a simple design without any physical buttons. The color lineup includes the same three colors, black, white, and red, as in the first series.

GadgetEarphones / headphones"SOUNDPEATS TrueAir Wireless ...
"SOUNDPEATS TrueAir Wireless Earphones" Review-Like AirPods, but with good sound quality and good wearing comfort, and well-balanced earphones in the 4000 yen range
2 cases
Earphone / HeadphoneGadgetReview
SoundPEATS provided a complete wireless earphone "SOUNDPEATS TrueAir" from audio equipment brand SoundPEATS.

soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone Review

Major features
"SOUNDPEATS TrueAir Wireless Earphone" is a Bluetooth-connected TWS (completely wireless) earphone.

It is an udon type similar to the so-called AirPods, but by adopting a 14.2mm dynamic driver, you can enjoy powerful bass, delicate midrange, and clear treble.

soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone Review

In addition, the battery life can be used for more than 30 hours if used while charging the earphone for 5 hours and the case, and the case itself has the convenience of charging with USB Type-C.

Size (Earphone) 15.9 × 16.2 × 42.9 mm
Size (ChargingCase) 46.2 × 29.5 × 57.3 mm
Weight (earphone) 3.77 g
Weight (ChargingCase) 33.9 g
Connection (Earphone) Bluetooth 5.0
Connection (ChargingCase) Type-C charging cable
Chip set QCC3020
Driver unit 14.2mm
Play time 30 hours or more playback time
Supported codecs aptX, AAC, SBC

Unpacking and appearance
The package is very simple.soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone Review

Included items are a charging case (earphone inside), a manual, and a USB Type-C cable.soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone Review

The manual is multi-language and there is also Japanese. In this area, SoundPEATS, which has been sold in Japan for a long time, is truly a feeling. There are times when it is troublesome how to pair, and how to behave if you touch/press and hold the earphone how many times is described below, so Japanese is obviously more helpful.soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone ReviewThe earphone appearance looks like this. Similar to AirPods with earbuds.soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone Review

I think that some people may be satisfied with some kind of possession by imitating, but personally, it feels a bit sloppy. If you look closely, you can see the difference, but there are many such AirPods-like earphones, so I wish I could change the color if possible, or even put the impressive SoundPEATS mark.

The case fits like this. There is a button in the middle of the case, which is the pairing button.

soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone ReviewThere is a USB Type-C terminal at the bottom of the case and charges from here. The USB Type-C terminal is especially nice for those who don't want to carry the convenient and legacy micro USB anymore. soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone Review

During charging, the green LED lights like this.soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone Review

◎ I am satisfied with the sound quality / △ I am careful not to drop
I tried to use it immediately. Pairing is easy. Press and hold the button in the case table for 3 seconds to enter the Bluetooth search mode, so you can find it by scanning with a smartphone/tablet, etc.

soundpeats TrueAir Wireless Earphone Review

After pairing, I first used it on a weekend jog for about an hour to test the feeling of wearing and "does it not fall" because of the inner ear type.

From the conclusion, it does not fall. I ran and forced to jump, but it was surprisingly perfect and did not fall. I was shocked by this.  It is also ◎ that there is no feeling of pushing in the ear like a canal type and it is not tired. It is also good to be able to concentrate on running without noise like touch noise when running.

However, if you hit something physically, it may fall off.

If you inadvertently touch your ears while running, or if you touch the edge while wiping your face with a towel, you may be at risk of getting it, so it is difficult to be careful. It seems that it will not be found if it falls, and if it is still running, it is hopeless if it is a crowded train. Of course, the damage is less than the original AirPods, but it is still in the 4000 yen range, so if you want to use it carefully you need to consider the place to use it.

The sound quality is pretty good. I have been listening to classical music and Western music for a while at Amazon Prime Music, etc., but honestly, the price is higher.

Gaming headsets have a really high impression, but the COMBATING M180 was very inexpensive with an actual selling price of 2760 yen (at the time of writing). It's great for beginners and sub uses! * 65% discount at the time of purchase. Please note that prices fluctuate.

▼ If the sale information and discount coupon information of COMBATWING M180 is not listed at the top and bottom of this article, please purchase from the following! It is a regular store! The price fluctuates & there is a possibility that a sale is being held, so check the real-time price below!

When actually put on the ear, the shape is well thought out, and it fits easily without a feeling of pressure on the ear. The projections catch well on the ear folds, so the holding power is also excellent. Depending on the thing, it may be unstable when walking, or it may be painfully tight to your ears. I was impressed with this exquisite balance. It seems to be easy to use for sports applications such as running, in combination with the waterproof specification of IPX4.

The sound quality is on the level of 5,000 yen. It reproduces a wide range of sounds in a well-balanced manner, but I was worried that the sound was slightly muddy. He excels in categories such as classical music and jazz, but with bassy music, the punch may not be enough.

 The operation is performed by a touch sensor at the top of the housing. Play/pause with 2 touches activates the voice recognition function of the playback device with about 2 seconds of touch. It also accepts calls, accepts calls with two touches, rejects calls with about 1.5 seconds of touch, and ends calls with two touches during a call.

The 3.5mm 4-pole terminal can be used with both headphones and microphones simply by plugging it into the controller of a smartphone, PC or game console.

Use a three-prong adapter with a separate earphone and microphone when the microphone input and the earphone output are separated on the soundboard of a desktop computer or a slightly older laptop computer.

The bass should not be too strong, not too weak, and not too loud. The middle to wide areas are clear and the sound is good overall.

Touch operation is also possible and convenient. However, it is necessary to learn the operation as described in the aforementioned manual, which is a balance with convenience. It is good that the volume is lowered by touching the left earphone and the volume is raised by the right, but I can't remember (can't use it) the command of touching twice or touching it three times.

In addition, there is a little lag, so it is not suitable for games. There is no problem if it is mainly music

Still the King of Headphones

Still the King of Headphones

Closed headphones are the opposite of open heads. Hermetically sealed headphones have features that make it difficult for sound to leak, have high sound insulation, and make it easy to concentrate on music. For those who want to hear even a single note in the corner of a song, closed headphones are recommended. The following articles introduce recommended products for sealed headphones, so please refer to them.

news Trend IT Sennheiser's third-generation "Momentum" headphones review. Still the King of Headphones
Sennheiser's third-generation "Momentum" headphones review. Still the King of Headphones
Gizmodo JapanSeptember 10, 2019 10:00 0

Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo US)
Well, it's the best personal headphones for now!

I'm not the one who spends the most on wireless headphones. Somehow, it may be an old idea, but I think that the sound will definitely drop by one rank if it is wireless. Well, I like classical music, so I want to stick to each sound. I want to hear the sounds of my favorite instruments in a crystal clear state. So when you're listening to music outside of exercise, you're still wired.

In the gizmo mode, I introduced various wireless headphones, but my tentacles did not move so much as I thought "Hey, good". But after reading a recent review of GIZ's reporter Adam Clark Estes on Sennheiser's Momentum Wireless, I found my best private wireless headphones.

So, let's go to the third generation Momentum review.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo US)
What is this: Premium Wireless Headphones

Price: $ 400 (about 42,700 yen)

I like it: The sound quality is odd, the best fit

What I don't like: I can't get a little design

The appearance has evolved steadily

When using headphones at home and watching a movie for a long time, the weight of the headphones often makes the neck and shoulders tired. On the other hand, open-type headphones are often lightweight, so you can enjoy music comfortably even when you use them for a long time. If you are concerned about tiredness or stiff shoulders when wearing, open headphones are recommended.

Open headphones are designed to allow sound to escape easily and to hear external sounds. Care must be taken when using it, as it tends to leak a lot of sound to the outside, and it can be a nuisance due to sound leakage around public places such as trains and buses. It is good to use open headphones for indoor use and closed headphones for outdoor use.

How to choose open headphones

When choosing open headphones, first choose whether you like the sound quality you like. There are many not only Japanese manufacturers but also overseas famous ones, so let's find the one with your favorite sound quality. In addition, with headphones that are developed mainly for SONY and that support “high res”, the music is reproduced with a sound close to the original sound, and you can enjoy it with high sound quality.

Most open headphones have higher sound quality. From that point of view, the wired connection is still slightly better in sound quality than the wireless connection, so if you want to focus on sound quality, you should choose wired connection type open headphones. Also, since there are overwhelmingly many wired headphones, the range of available products is also greater.

Open headphones with wireless connections are recommended because they can be worn without being tied to wires and have a high degree of freedom. Also, if you are considering using iPhone 7 or later, you need to prepare a conversion plug or headphones with a lightning cable because the standard earphone jack has been abolished in iPhone 7. Therefore we recommend wireless (Bluetooth) connection headphones. Any wireless headphones can be connected without the need for a conversion plug, so if you're thinking of using an iPhone, wireless is a good choice.

Cigarettes whose rejection pressure is increasing worldwide. On the other hand, the cigar culture has been surviving steadily with cigar bars as a favorite of gentlemen. Even cigarette users want to smoke tobacco leaves (and the nicotine in them). It was born with the idea of ​​reversing to wrap it in leaves (?) "Lucky Strike Luck Strike Filter Cigarillo 6/10 Wound with Cigarette Leaves". Then it became a cigar.

Open headphones are considerably lighter than closed headphones. However, even after a long period of use, the weight of the neck and shoulders often causes fatigue. Therefore, check the weight and fit of the main unit according to the application you want to use, and then select it. It is recommended that the weight of the main body be around 300g because it is easy to use.

Price range | Some models with a good cop from 5,000 Doller to 10,000 Doller

Very affordable Audio-Technica open headphones for around 3,000 yen. A 40mm driver designed exclusively for open-air reproduces a sound with a sense of freedom and good stretch. With a double adjuster that fits perfectly in the shape of your head and a soft-wearing ear pad that uses fabric, it is comfortable even when used for a long time.

a smoker who can enjoy casually because it is slender and with a filter, cigars have a high threshold (meaning that it is expensive and hard to enter. How to use recently added to Kojien). There are problems such as the fact that the price is simply high, the method of sucking slightly different, and the smell being severe, and many people will avoid it.

Meanwhile, British American Tobacco Japan's "Lucky Strike Luck Strike Filter Cigarillo 6/10" ). This is a product that will allow you to enjoy the royal road tobacco brand "Lucky Strike", which has been loved since the days of the garrison, with a cigar.

KOSS headphones with a unique design. KOSS is an audio maker that landed in Japan in 1988 and is popular for headphones that can be used in studios. This product is also based on the model used in the United States as studio monitor headphones and is made with attention to sound quality and wearing feeling. It can be folded while it is open, and it is also convenient for carrying around, such as supporting smartphones and other calls.

AKG headphones with a gorgeous gold exterior. Because the same diaphragm (diaphragm) as the high-end model sold by the company is used, you can enjoy a wide sound range with high sound quality at an affordable price. The headband is self-adjusting and just fits on your head. It is one with a high-cost performance that you can not think below 10,000 yen.

It features an ear cup that rotates up to 110 degrees, a comfortable earpad, and a headband that allows for smooth length adjustment. Through careful sound tuning, the sound quality is natural and precise, aiming to faithfully reproduce the tone of the instrument.

Semi-open air headphones with a self-adjustment function that allows you to adjust the length of the headband simply by wearing it. In addition to the unique function of suppressing unnecessary vibration, optimization of the internal structure and examination of parts have been thoroughly performed, and the sound localization and depth, from delicate treble to heavy bass, are realistically reproduced.

Bone conduction earphone AfterShokz AEROPEX

Bone conduction earphone AfterShokz AEROPEX 

Sony has launched the WH-XB900N EXTRA BASS series Bluetooth headphones with active noise canceling (NC) at a reasonable price of less than 30,000 yen (about 29,600 yen in actual sales). From the series name, you can imagine healthy and naughty headphones that emphasize bass. However, both sound and looks can be enjoyed by adults for everyday use. Let's share the perfection of the NC function we tried on the plane.

AfterShokz is a brand born in the United States of America in 2011. It is the first brand to work on the daily use of bone conduction technology.

Now it has more than 300 patents around the world and is the fastest-growing in the category of wireless sports headphones at electronics retailers in the United States. (As of August 2019)

Also, it is official headphones of England Athletics 

EXTRA BASS (Extra Bass) is a series of Sony's portable audio products that have the power of "powerful bass reproduction." The current lineup includes wireless speakers, including headphones, earphones, and smart speakers with AI assistants.

The WH-XB900N used this time is a wireless headphone equipped with the NC function just released on October 5. It is a successor model of the "MDR-XB950N1" released in 2017.

The reason that AEROPEX can listen to music without closing your ears is "bone conduction technology".

Normally, when listening to sound, the vibrations of the air shake the eardrum, and that information is transmitted to the brain. In this way, the sound transmitted by vibrating air is "air conduction sound".

On the other hand, the sound that is transmitted by vibrating bones instead of air is "bone conduction sound".

It seems that bone conduction technology was deployed in the military and medical fields for communication purposes, and was not a widely known technology. (I didn't even know ...)

And the sound quality was not so good. (Imagine that scene where you can't hear the walkie talkie in a war movie. Lol)

In particular, it seems that military bone conduction technology was not suitable for consumer headphones because "music" has much richer information than a voice for "communication" purposes.

For decades, many companies, including 500 Fortune magazines in the U.S., have tried to use bone conduction technology on a daily basis, but have found it difficult.

Then came the AfterShokz brands.

Compared to the XB950N1, the perfect circular housing is now oval, the ear pads are thinner, and the appearance is slimmer and smarter. The model we borrowed this time is black, but there is also a dark and calm blue. It is also recommended for adult music fans as it is easy to match with a suit style.

Even if the ear cups become slimmer, the comfortable wearing feeling that wraps the head naturally is even better than the previous model. It fits comfortably into the shape of the head, so it's nice that the head doesn't look big even when worn. The fact that the weight is about 36g lighter than the XB950N1 has also led to a reduction in the load when installed.

In the first place, earphones (earpiece type) for training or sports are not recommended because they increase the risk of accidents due to closing your ears.

Even in triathlon competitions, wearing earphones during a race is often prohibited.

Not only in the sports scene but when using earpiece type earphones

Inability to hear surrounding sounds (risk of accident)
Ear pain, fatigue
Risk of hearing loss
There are disadvantages.

It is AEROPEX👍 that designed the best while taking advantage of the wireless type while eliminating such disadvantages.

One of the major improvements from the XB950N1 is that the right housing has a touch sensor control panel. Touch the side with the built-in touchpad with your finger and swipe up / down to move the volume up / down, left / right, and forward / back. When you get used to it, you can feel more convenient than a button-type remote control. Play and stop music can be controlled by double-tapping the touchpad Since it is not a single tap, there is no erroneous operation such as inadvertently touching the panel and stopping music playback at a good point.

It also supports the quick attention featured in the Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless NC headphones flagship. If you touch the right ear cup with the palm of your hand, you can temporarily lower the volume of the music being played and capture the outside environmental sound with a microphone, listen to announcements at stations and airports with headphones, and shop You can also talk at the cash register at the time.

It supports Bluetooth audio codecs that emphasize sound quality such as LDAC and aptX HD and wirelessly connects to compatible smartphones and portable players to enjoy high sound quality approaching a high resolution. However, a 40mm diameter driver equipped with a diaphragm specifically developed for the extra base is not compatible with high resolution. This is a big difference from the high resolution compatible 1000X series or h.ear series headphones.

Clear, speedy bass is comfortable

The sound quality that I was worried about was the sound of aptX playback without connecting to iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

The appeal is a good balance that betrays the prejudice of the extra-base in a good way. The bass is clear and has a sense of speed, and up-tempo EDM and jazz songs feel comfortable with sharp-edged beats.

The vocal flesh feels solid when listened to on the iPhone, and the Pixel 3 XL gives a sharper outline and a more three-dimensional sound image. The characteristics of the AAC and aptX codecs may be directly reflected in the sound. The high-frequency reproduction has no unpleasant taste, and the high tone of the piano or electric guitar sounds firm. Although it is not high-res compatible headphones, the sound field has a good view, and the mid-high range feels very smooth.

If you connect the included headphone cable, you can also listen to wired, but if the power of the main unit is off, you can feel the sound a little thin, so basically use the power of the main unit on when using the wired listening. Where you want to be. I think that wired listening support when the power is off should be considered as a backup for unexpected situations such as when the battery power is exhausted.

Choose a model that fits your head and ears

Choose a model that fits your head and ears

When buying headphones, budget and sound are also important. You will also choose a design that suits your taste. However, it is surprisingly easy to forget the fit when worn. Many headphones can adjust and improve fit even after purchase, but some models will not fit your head or ears any way you adjust. No matter how good you like the sound and design, if you don't have the right headphones, you won't be able to listen to music happily during listening. As with guitars, instruments with poor playability gradually stop playing. Not only the overall fit but if the earpads do not fit the shape of the ears and there are gaps, you cannot fully enjoy the performance of the headphones. Furthermore, the weight of the headphones is also important is. Choosing a model that is too heavy can make you tired, for example, when listening long hours while on the move. From my experience, I've been using headphones for a long time to adapt to my body more than sound quality. Every model has been improved by the efforts of each manufacturer in terms of fit, but if you have an environment that you can try before purchasing, please try it out by actually wearing it.

When you open it, it will turn on the power, and when you fold it will turn off the power. It also has a new function called " Smart Pause ". This means that when the user puts on the earphones, the sensor in the rear cap reacts and plays back automatically. Also, there is a switch that can switch between three types of noise-canceling settings and a button that can call a voice assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant.

I've been using Momentum Wireless for two weeks, and the Smart Pause feature works perfectly and feels better than ever. Since the Smart Pause function has been adopted by other companies, reliability is important. So, in the case of Sennheiser, it can be said that it is quite stable. Anyway, it works even if I tilt my head in a strange direction.

Headphones are roughly divided into two types based on their structure. Each has its advantages/disadvantages, and knowing that will narrow down the target headphones.

 The first is an open type headphone. This is a structure in which the backside of the diaphragm that emits sound is opened, and a reproduced sound with a natural expanse is obtained. The feature is that it does not get tired even after long listening. However, since the backside of the diaphragm is open, the sound will leak outside. There is no problem if you are listening in the room, but it is better to refrain from using it on trains and public places. Another feature is that you cannot completely shut out external sounds. I think this is good or bad depending on the purpose of use. Another point regarding sound quality is that the low range is slightly weaker than the closed type. However, many models have been improved by devising the design of housings and pads of each company. The open type can be said to be headphones that are mainly suitable for long hours of listening at home. For this reason, many high-end models are also available, and AKG's flagship model K812, which appeared and became a hot topic this year, is also open.

However, there were some parts of the design change that I was worried about. It's bigger and a bit ugly than previous generations. But I got used to the size. But the change was felt disappointing because the original Momentum was symbolic.

And an array of buttons. This was not a "little" point of concern. There are too many buttons. For those who were dissatisfied with the previous Momentum control buttons, it might be a nice update, but for those who were satisfied, it might seem too much.

And the placement is bad. It is all the same kind of form on the array in a row I have been. I guess it's a blind tile.

Well, from my experience, it's common for headphones to have a rough control button. But this Momentum button was somewhat frustrating. Perhaps because you are too familiar with the headphones of the previous generation. That love may be tough.

Lastly, some headphones are half-open (semi-open), which is located between open and closed. You can feel each advantage to some extent, but that makes it difficult to drive the sound. For this reason, it is a structure adapted from entry to medium models. However, there are some high-end models, such as the T1, which was launched in 2009 by Bayer Dynamic GmbH in Germany, which also sells microphones.

 Open/closed type is a part that greatly affects sound quality, but it is best to first consider the environment in which to use it.

But the more you listen to the music at the new Momentum, the less frustrating you get from this nostalgia. Originally, Sennheiser is famous for its acoustic accuracy. It's just as accurate as myself, "I'm in the studio with my favorite artist." The multi-dimensional vocalist Lana Del Rey's "The Greatest" was also crystal clear and deep in guitar solos. Also, I was impressed with the strange details of A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It?" This Sennheiser is versatile. We felt that it was the best sound quality among the wireless headphones we have used.

And as a result of paying attention to sound quality, all my complaints were blown away. Because, if you wear headphones, you won't see what you see, and the large earcups and wide headband are comfortable when worn for a long time. On the other hand, though noise reduction is better than the previous generation, Sony1000X and Bose700 are better. Nevertheless, I don't mind Momentum's Neucan feature because it's excellent at maintaining excellent sound quality in any situation.

Headphones are not only open/closed, but also noise-canceling headphones. 

"QuietComfort", a noise-canceling headphone released by BOSE in 2001, became a hot topic, and since then it has been released by other companies and has evolved gradually. The advantage of Noise Canceling Headphones is that even in places with high noise levels, such as airplanes and Shinkansen, external sounds can be canceled by the function of the headphones themselves, creating a listening environment where external sounds cannot be heard. The effects are evolving year by year, but not 100%. However, we also have a lineup of products that can play satisfactory music in quite a few situations. The latest BOSE model QuietComfort 3 mentioned earlier is also a high-level product. Therefore, it is a headphone which we want to recommend to businessmen who do many business trips. However, due to its structure, it is not suitable for those seeking sound quality like high-end headphones. Also, a battery (a rechargeable type is also required) is required for noise cancellation.

New Headphone Reviews | Bone Conduction Headphones

New Headphone Reviews | Bone Conduction Headphones

"2020" 15 recommended headphones! Featured popular model with attractive high sound quality.

Headphones are becoming more and more popular because music can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime with a smartphone. Nowadays, not only sound quality but also fashion items are gaining more attention. The number of products has increased rapidly in recent years. Various types of products have been released, such as portable headphones that emphasize portability, ultra-high-end headphones over 100,000 yen that are particular about sound quality and a feeling of wearing, and stylish headphones that are particular about design, but when you buy a product, When you do, you tend to get lost. Therefore, in this special feature, while explaining the points that you want to hold down when selecting headphones, we have picked up recommended headphones by type. By all means, please refer to the selection of headphones.

"Headphones" are essential items for those who want to enjoy their favorite sounds with high sound quality. In addition to conventional wired types, wireless types have recently been increasing, and sound quality has also improved.

However, since various products are lined up, it is difficult to determine which user is best suited for each item. Therefore, this time, we will introduce recommended models of headphones. We will also explain how to choose, so if you are considering purchasing, please check it out.

"Open headphone" is a type that has a hole in the housing and is sometimes called an open air type. The feature is that you can enjoy a sound close to nature because there is less muffled sound due to reverberation in the housing.

There are many lightweight models, so even large objects can be installed relatively easily. It is recommended for those who want to relax and listen to music at home because they don't get tired even when worn for a long time. On the other hand, it is a concern that the bass easily escapes to the outside and the sound easily leaks. Be careful when using it outdoors.

If you want to know more about open headphones, please refer to the following articles.

The closed type is characterized in that the housing is sealed, and headphones that adopt this structure are called "closed type headphones". Due to its structure, there is little sound leakage and it is difficult for sound to enter from outside, so it is suitable for outdoor use.However, the sealed housing makes it easy to muffle sound and feel the pressure on your ears. there is. By the way, most portable headphones intended for outdoor use are closed type headphones.

The over-ear type, in which the ear pads cover the entire ear (around-ear type), is characterized by the fact that there are many high-quality sound models, because the main body is large and the parts that greatly affect sound quality can be enlarged.

Over-ear headphones are often used in music-related occupations such as musicians. If you want to stick to the sound, the over-ear type is recommended.

For more information about over-ear headphones, see the following articles:

On the other hand, the open type is characterized by providing holes in the housing with mesh or the like so that air can freely enter and exit. Headphones that adopt this structure are called "open headphones." Since the housing is open, the sound is clear and crisp, and there is little feeling of pressure on the ears, so it is hard to listen to it even when listening for a long time, but in contrast to the closed type, the sound leaks easily and it is outdoors Not suitable for use in Because of the structure that is more advantageous in sound quality than the closed type, it is mainly used for large high-end headphones that are intended for use at home.

Speaking of headphones, the wired type used to be the mainstream, but recently the number of headphones that can be connected via Bluetooth is increasing. If the main use is indoors, there is no need to worry about running out of battery, and the wired type that has stable sound quality is the best. The Bluetooth type is recommended if you frequently use it outdoors or if you find the cable cumbersome.

Also, the features of the headphones are diversified. If you are worried about the surrounding noise when using it outdoors, you can enjoy it without stress if you choose headphones that support noise canceling. Also, if you want to emphasize sound quality, we recommend headphones that support balanced connections that allow you to enjoy a three-dimensional sound.

There are several types of headphones depending on the type of wearing, and two types of general overhead type headphones are the "over-ear (around-ear) type" and the "on-ear type".

The most popular type of headphones is the over-ear type, which covers the entire ear when worn, and is characterized by high stability when worn. On the other hand, due to the structure that covers the entire ear, it is slightly larger than the on-ear type. Another disadvantage is that the weight of the main unit increases.

As for the specifications of the headphones, the "reproduction frequency band" that indicates the range of the reproducible range, the "sound pressure sensitivity" that indicates how much loud sound can be output, and the "impedance" that indicates the electrical resistance value are important.

Of these, the "reproduction frequency band" is used to identify high sound quality. Most headphones cover 20Hz to 20kHz, which is said to be a frequency that can be heard by humans. Recently, however, "high-resolution sound sources" that can play the range beyond conventional CDs have also attracted attention. If you are looking for high-quality headphones, choose a model that supports high-resolution sound sources with a playback frequency band of 40 kHz or more.

There are several models of headphones that are tailored to the intended use.

For example, products called "monitor headphones" are headphones designed for professional musicians and studio engineers to use in recording studios. In many cases, the sound is tuned with high resolution and flat characteristics that are faithful to the original sound so that the sound can be heard clearly. In addition, durability and comfort are also considered, assuming long-term use on site. It also features excellent maintainability, such as the ability to replace cables and ear pads.

Products called "noise canceling headphones" are headphones with a function that literally reduces ambient noise. The microphone inside the body detects the surrounding noise and emits a sound wave in phase opposite to the noise, making it difficult to hear the noise. Because it plays only the music without worrying about the surrounding noise, it is recommended to enjoy music in noisy environments such as airplanes and trains.

The product called "DJ headphones" is, as the name implies, headphones made for DJ play. During DJ play, the user often listens to the sound with only one ear, so the housing is rotatable, and the cable is also a flexible curl cord so that the cable does not get in the way during DJ play There are many. In terms of sound quality, sound tuning has been applied to make it easier to hear the rhythm sound at high volumes.